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Empty words, cold hearts

Americans will always argue about politics. This is part of what it is to be a free country. But if disagreement is to serve democracy, it must be honest disagreement. Opposing positions must state their positions clearly enough that we can know the kinds of choices we as citizens are asked to make. We list these Radical Right politicians not because we disagree with them - although we do - but because we believe they are acting in ways that threaten to undermine the stability and health of our country. Most importantly, they usually lie, and no one more than George W. Bush.

But they hide their lies in words of morality, patriotism, compassion, free enterprise, and freedom. Check out our site and see the emptiness of their words and the coldness of their hearts.

ACE: George W. Bush
KING: Dick Cheney
QUEEN: Condeleeza Rice
JACK: Donald Rumsfeld
10: Tom DeLay
9: Paul Wolfowitz


Bill Frist
7 Spencer Abraham
6 Dennis Hastert
5 Gale Norton
4 Mitch Daniels
3 Elliott Abrams
2 John Poindexter

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