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Devious morality

The men and women featured here speak, preach, and write about values and morality. Incessantly. They argue that liberals and others with different views are not only wrong, they are immoral, degenerate, unpatriotic, un-American. By attacking the persons and imagined beliefs of their opponents, they avoid having to deal with ideas opposed to theirs. By claiming the moral high ground, they try and convince other Americans that they are worthy leaders, deserving of political and financial support. But it seems to us that power, wealth and privilege matters more to these hypocrites than the morality they preach. Check out this site and see.

We have also included some justices and judicial nominees with the "moral" leaders. Their records speak for themselves, and demonstrate the deviousness and depravity of George Bush's assault on our courts. The one serious intellect in this group, Antonin Scalia, demonstrates the incompatibility of these ideas with our most basic constitutional principles.

Ace: William Bennett
King: John Ashcroft
QUEEN: Dr. Laura Schlessinger
JACK: Pat Robertson
10: Antonin Scalia
9: Clarence Thomas


George Will
7 Jerry Falwell
6 Mona Charen
5 Carolyn Kuhl
4 Priscilla Owen
3 William Pryor
2 Ralph Reed



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