Fighting the Radical Right

This site does not take sides in the traditional battles between "conservatives" and "liberals" in our country. It is concerned with a threat to both liberals and genuine conservatives. Our card deck and web site is devoted to defending American democracy against an unprecedented attack by the Radical Right on our electoral system, media, courts, religious institutions, and government.

The political leadership behind this threat is identified as spades. The crony capitalists and parasitic corporations are featured as diamonds. The media bullies are clubs. Finally, the so-called moral leaders are identified as hearts.

Masquerading as conservative and using carefully chosen words to manipulate us, they have drawn millions of people into a web of deceit that has made reasonable political discussion almost impossible in our country. When citizens can no longer discuss politics reasonably, the foundations of democracy are undermined. This effort is deliberate.

The Radical Right has two major wings, neither of which are supported by a majority of Americans. This is why they must rely on deception and fear. The first are the crony capitalists and corporations waxing fat on tax payers' money. They are parasites on our free market economy, growing rich not by serving consumers but by currying favors and privileges with government and milking shareholder wealth from corporations they control. They artfully speak the language of entrepreneurship and enterprise, all the time undermining our economy, our incomes, and our country. Enron, Halliburton, Bechtel, and the Carlyle Group typify the corporate parasites pretending to be legitimate businesses. No one better typifies crony capitalists than George Bush and Dick Cheney. Click on these images on our site to see how and why.

These powers of money are allied with the Radical Religious Right. Claiming to be Christian, they have deceived countless Americans concerned with the moral well-being of our nation. But they are strange Christians indeed, spending more money on politics than charity, more time manipulating voters than saving souls, a greater focus on their bank accounts than serving their communities, more time pursuing power than practicing love. They know most Americans do not share their goals of establishing a theocracy on the ruins of our constitutional order, and so they wrap themselves in the symbols of our country, make up quotations from our Founding Fathers, and attack all who disagree with them as unpatriotic and worse. Pat Robertson, Tom DeLay, John Ashcroft, Jerry Falwell, and Ralph Reed number among them.

The money and influence these two groups wield have been used to infiltrate many of our core institutions. Not just churches and the Republican Party, but school boards, the media, and our basic governmental institutions. Our deck and this site names names and shows how. Ironically, for decades many of these people claimed we were deeply infiltrated by communists. Those charges seem silly today. But the methods they claimed communists used are now being used by the Radical Right.

The Radical Right is allied with a third group, called "neo-conservatives." Like the Radical Right, there is nothing conservative about them. They also repudiate the basic principles of the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers, and, infatuated by our military power, would replace the timeless principles of the Declaration of Independence with the dream of American hegemony over all the peoples of the earth. In the name of freedom they take our country along a road that undermines freedom here while failing to establish it abroad. Among these men are Bill Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Elliott Abrams, and Richard Perle.

The crony capitalists and corporate parasites seek money and power over our pocketbooks. The Religious Right seeks power over our lives, and never turns its nose up at money. The neo-conservatives seek power over other peoples. For the moment at least, their interests dovetail, and so our country is at risk.

Our George Bush Deck of Cards helps identify these people and organizations, and offers insight as to their character (or rather, lack of it) and their methods. Our web site proves our point. Just click on any image you want to know more about, and we will prove our claims.

Our site also exists to help you act in defense of America and its greatest values. Click on letters, assist us or add a joker to see how.

Learn more about this threat to America. Click on resources for links and recommended books. Click on "american shadow" for short informative essays, with more links, to give you an over view of who and what you, and we, are up against.

Even the most important political struggles need time for laughs. Without humor we run the risk of turning into angry withered souls, like so many featured in our deck. Click on game rules to learn fun ways to use your George Bush Card deck.

Who are we?
Many Americans have assisted in putting this deck and site together. The principal parties are Gus diZerega and Dustin Lambro, vitally assisted by Bryan Cooper, and Rob Davies. We are grateful to all others who have helped us as well.

Gus diZerega is a Political Scientist by training. Along with an academic career, he has founded and managed a profitable small business, met a pay roll, and written extensively on political, environmental, and spiritual issues in the academic and popular press.

Dustin Lambro received a B.A. in Politics from Whitman College in 2003, where his major academic interests included American Government and Electoral Campaign Politics, with a particular emphasis on the politics of the American South.

The entire team at deal-with-it.org is committed to the defeat of George W. Bush and the Radical Right in 2004.

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