DIAMONDS | crony capitalists and corporate welfare queens

Some businesses are run by entrepreneurs; people whose insight and imagination lead to new products, more jobs, and greater abundance for us all. Others are run by "crony capitalists;" men who use their connections and ability to manipulate others to rise high into organizations they could never have created themselves. (There are few women because these people rise to the top only from connections to people like themselves, not ability.) They use political connections to get profits they could never get in the market. Left to their own abilities, many would go bankrupt. More parasite than creator, they make millions while leaving workers and shareholders worse off than before. They and their companies are linked intimately with the Bush administration and the Radical Right. In fact, Bush and Cheney themselves perfectly typify this group.

Ace: Enron
King: Halliburton
QUEEN: The world of crony capitalists and corporate welfare "queens" is far too sexist for a woman to rise high enough to qualify. However, we believe that if Ann Coulter had made different career choices, perhaps her portrait would appear here.
JACK: Bechtel
10: Carlyle
9: WorldCom/MCI


7 Richard Perle
6 Gary Winnick
5 Harken
4 FCC Gang of Three
3 Harvey Pitt
2 Ken Lay



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