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Debasing democracy

Our Constitution protects a free press so we will get the information we need to act and vote wisely. It was not written to guarantee profits to media corporations treating the news as good only for entertainment and profits. The media bullies in this deck have contributed mightily to the decline of American democracy through attacking citizens who dare criticize the government and failing themselves to report accurately on the news. Using their privileged positions of power and influence, they fail to serve the citizens who watch, listen to, and read them. Instead they cravenly serve the Radical Right, which seeks to rule their fellow human beings from love of money and power. Check out our site to see the evidence.

Ace: Rupert Murdoch
King: Bill Kristol
QUEEN: Ann Coulter
JACK: Bill O'Reilly
10: Rush Limbaugh
9: Sean Hannity


Ari Fleischer
7 Diane Sawyer
6 Wolf Blitzer
5 Andrew Sullivan
4 David Horowitz
3 Newt Gingrich

Mike Savage



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