A rogue's gallery of the Radical Right

Our cards expose the men and women most responsible for the Radical Right's take over of the Republican Party and their political influence under George Bush. Spades are the major politicians responsible for much of the grief we are now enduring. Diamonds are the crony capitalists, tax subsidized corporations, and regulatory allies that underwrite these politicians. Clubs are the media bullies that have done so much to degrade and distort political understanding and debate. Hearts are the so-called "moral leaders" of the Republican Right. Some are court justices, some want to be, and some abuse their status in other ways.

Click on the card faces to see "rap sheets" and links that expose just how much harm these people have done to our country.

At the bottom of each card are letters and dollar signs. These symbolize dark powers associated with the people or corporations on the cards. Go to game rules to see how to use them in card games.

The cards


Karl Rove

The Supreme Five


ACE: George W. Bush
KING: Dick Cheney
QUEEN: Condeleeza Rice
JACK: Donald Rumsfeld
10: Tom DeLay
9: Paul Wolfowitz


Bill Frist
7 Spencer Abraham
6 Dennis Hastert
5 Gale Norton
4 Mitch Daniels
3 Elliott Abrams
2 John Poindexter


Ace: Enron
King: Halliburton
QUEEN: The world of crony capitalists and corporate welfare "queens" is far too sexist for a woman to rise high enough to qualify. However, we believe that if Ann Coulter had made different career choices, perhaps her portrait would appear here.
JACK: Bechtel
10: Carlyle
9: WorldCom/MCI


7 Richard Perle
6 Gary Winnick
5 Harken
4 FCC Gang of Three
3 Harvey Pitt
2 Ken Lay


Ace: William Bennett
King: John Ashcroft
QUEEN: Dr. Laura Schlessinger
JACK: Pat Robertson
10: Antonin Scalia
9: Clarence Thomas


George Will
7 Jerry Falwell
6 Mona Charen
5 Carolyn Kuhl
4 Priscilla Owen
3 William Pryor
2 Ralph Reed


Ace: Rupert Murdoch
King: Bill Kristol
QUEEN: Ann Coulter
JACK: Bill O'Reilly
10: Rush Limbaugh
9: Sean Hannity


Ari Fleischer
7 Diane Sawyer
6 Wolf Blitzer
5 Andrew Sullivan
4 David Horowitz
3 Newt Gingrich

Mike Savage


American shadow

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