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We had to leave many deserving people out of our deck because we are limited to only 54 cards. Some are national problems. Others afflict only their state, city, or region. But as mosquitoes demonstrate, a lot of small-scale damage can hurt as much as larger scale. For example, in Fresno, CA, City Council Member Jerry Duncan said he wished he had a "dirty bomb" to kill every liberal in the city, Duncan's commitment to democracy, the rule of law, and freedom of speech is the sort of thing that deserves wider recognition. Alas, he is not alone as the Radical Right continues its demolition work against democratic principles and practices in the USA.

Perhaps you and some friends would like to nominate a deserving person for inclusion on this site? He or she will be featured as a "Joker" complete with hat, in the same caricature style as our other celebrities. And, as with our other cards, when you click their image, important information about how they hurt the public will appear. You can help many people learn more about this joker.

To nominate a joker please send us the following:

1. One or more photographs to aid our artist.
2. Published and verifiable information about the critter . It would be best if you wrote it, added links where we can verify what you write, and additional links if appropriate. Use our descriptions as guides. We reserve the right to edit.
3. $100 to cover expenses, mostly for our artist.

Play fair - not like most of the people in our deck. Our goal is to strengthen democratic debate and practice, not destroy it. We reserve the right to refuse any nomination, and return your check.

Send information, check, and photo to:
P. O. Box 1352
Walla Walla, WA 99362

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